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Investing in God’s Plan

The Dream Center Foundation is an endowment fund that plants seeds for God’s work, ECFA_Accredited_Final_RGB_Smallgenerating income that can be used to feed, shelter and provide life-changing care for hurting people in the greater Los Angeles area.

Your gifts to the foundation also build God’s kingdom, by inspiring and encouraging churches to reach out to their own communities. We use our successful model of urban ministry to train and equip leaders who go out to the mission field. To date, more than 100 Dream Centers exist worldwide. In addition, many other pastors and other leaders have learned what we do here and are now furthering the gospel through their own outreaches.

You can make an outright gift to the foundation here.

This is also the place to make your gift of a lifetime – a planned gift that leaves a lasting legacy, a testament to your faithfulness and love for Jesus.

For more information: Send us an email at djurado@dreamcenter.org or call Danise Jurado at 213.273.7070.

Here are some of the many ways you can give:

  • Give stock, bonds, life insurance or real estate. There are even ways to give that can provide you or your loved ones with tax-advantaged income.
  • Develop a family-giving plan. You’ll teach your children the importance of giving, and over time your regular gifts will add up significantly.
  • Give a portion of an inheritance you have received from your parents or others.
  • Name the Dream Center Foundation as a beneficiary, or residuary beneficiary, of your pension, or 403b or 401k retirement plan.
  • Consider the Dream Center Foundation as a way to remember deceased loved ones and friends.
  • Make the foundation a beneficiary of your estate, or include a gift to the foundation in your will.
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