Become A Fundraiser

Become A Fundraiser

A few minutes out of your day can change someone’s life forever.

You already talk about the amazing things happening here at the Dream Center. So why not use that passion to make a lasting difference in someone’s life? All it takes is 2 minutes of your time and a couple of posts on Facebook.

Choose Your Cause

Every month, thousands of people find hope and purpose through the programs and outreaches offered here at the Dream Center. Addiction, lack of education, homelessness, hunger, and human trafficking are just a few of the issues that plague the city of Los Angeles, and the Dream Center looks to offer the support and resources needed to give people struggling with these challenges a second chance.

But doing that takes money - and that’s how you can help.

Pick one of these causes to tell your friends about. Fill out the brief form and let your Facebook do the work! With your help, we can spread the word and make an even bigger impact in the city of Los Angeles.

Start Fundraising


Why not give up your gifts and ask for donations instead? Make this year special. Celebrate your birthday and a great cause at the same time.

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Get Creative

Grow a mustache, shave your head, play a video game, dance all day. Do your thing, just do it for a cause. Go ahead. Get creative!

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What is #MAKE20MATTER?


Every day we spend $20 on many different things, but at the end of the day, how many of those things really matter?

At the Dream Center, $20 can mean the difference between life and death for a young adult aging out of foster care, a homeless family, or a teenager forced to sell her body on the street.

Even with a small monthly commitment of just $20, you can make a massive impact on the city of Los Angeles. With your gift, the Dream Center can continue to house homeless families, mentor young adults aging out of foster care, feed the hungry on the streets, and so much more. Give the gift of a second chance. Make your $20 matter today.

Would you like to partner with us monthly?

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