Our Mission

The Dream Center Leadership School helps young leaders discover or strengthen their unique gifts, talents, dreams and potential while building a solid foundation of Godly character and servant leadership.

“Today we’re so concerned about being relevant. But we can’t just be relevant-we have to be revolutionary, out on the streets loving the unlovable.” Pastor Tommy Barnett


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    Rebecca's Story

    My time at the Dream Center Leadership School has changed everything I thought I knew about God. When I got here it was like the rug I was standing on was my faith, and God wanted to pull it out from under me so He could build a new foundation of faith for our relationship. Since being here, I have learned how to passionately pray for the lost. I’ve also had the opportunity of working in the Dream Center Academy, which is our school for kids behind on credits and for the teens in our discipleship program. Let me tell you, I thought I was a patient person, but then I started tutoring kids in algebra.  It wasn’t a pretty process, but God is refining me. He has opened my eyes to the issues schools have with keeping students eager to learn, as well as the problem of high school dropouts. I don’t know exactly where or what God is calling me to do, but He has proven Himself trustworthy. Because of this program, I know I am prepared to do whatever God wants me to do.

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    Alex's Story

    Being a part of the Dream Center Leadership School has allowed me to be just what the name says…a leader. I came here not really knowing what to expect, but I knew I would be serving the Lord. This place has not only allowed me to see the leadership qualities I have but also has let me be part of one of the best outreach ministries I’ve ever seen, Adopt a Block. On a daily basis I am able to go out into the streets of downtown LA, Watts, and Inglewood to serve. It is one of the craziest but most gratifying things I have ever had the privilege to do. I am able to help change the atmosphere of the community and also share God’s word. It is seriously amazing! It’s hard to put into words, so you just have to come experience it! This place will change your life and stretch you further than you could imagine!

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    Semaj's Story

    Being here in the Dream Center Leadership School has changed my life dramatically. I have learned that serving the Lord is an amazing gift God gives us. We GET to serve.  I get to wake up early to pray and worship with my amazing brothers and sisters in Christ whom I will always cherish! Being able to build relationships with the amazing families at Nickerson Gardens through Adopt-a-Block has changed my life. I get to be apart of the Bus Ministry; I love going to go pick up the families for church every week.  They are so precious to me!

    Through everything, I remember the hard times as well: feeling alone, unworthy, discouraged…a lot of the things people we minister to are feeling! The biggest breakthrough for me while at the Dream Center would be God showing me how faithful He is through my experiences in outreach, and I’ll leave the Dream Center Leadership School knowing and believing that I am loved by a mighty God who can always make a way! I can thank all my staff, second years, and fellow first years for being that example of love for me, so that I could show it to others. My journey has just begun, and I would encourage anyone to start his or her journey here at the Dream Center Leadership School.

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    Jessica's Story

    I came into my first year of DCLS with many doubts and insecurities. I knew God had a plan and purpose for my life, but it was hard to see when I was so used to living under the pressure others put on me and their expectations for my life. I often found myself frustrated and unsatisfied with how I was living. All I had to do to break the mindset of always needing to please others was to be willing to give God my heart, and he showed me what it was like to live in his unconditional love. Thoughts of doubt and insecurity began to fade away, and I finally understood the truth God says about me and the promises he has made to me. This is how I became the leader God had always called me to be.

    As a second year student, I was able to share the freedom I had found and the truth I received from my first year with the incoming girls of the new class. I was able to minister to them through the lessons I had learned, and guide them to finding their own calling in Christ Jesus. I now am privileged to be a part of the DCLS staff as a Student Recruiter, pouring into the students here while also reaching out to potential students, sharing all that God has done in me during my time in DCLS. This has become more than a job to me, it has become my passion.

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    Justin's Story

    My name is Justin Watson and I’m 24 years old. Originally from Detroit, MI I have been at the Dream Center for seven years now and the life I’m blessed to live is nothing I could have ever dreamed up for myself. I am privileged to serve as the Director of Church Relations at Angelus Temple, which is where we meet for church every week. In my job, I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of great people, learn valuable leadership principles, manage many people in different teams, coordinate events, and much more.

    I look at my life and wonder how I got so blessed; how all of this happened, then I’m reminded of where it all started. You see, in 2006, when I moved to Los Angeles, it wasn’t to accept some big position at the church or lead people in any capacity. I came to the Dream Center Leadership School with a heart to serve. For 4.5 years I took part in areas of ministry that carried great rewards, as well as some areas that didn’t seem to have any reward at all. I spent many nights in long practices or working hard to prepare for a service coming up or presentation we were doing but I was also given many opportunities to speak. I learned what it meant to be an armor bearer, what loyalty looked like, how to operate in a lifestyle of honor, and most of all, I learned what it meant to be consistent. I learned not only to be consistent in my daily life, but also consistent in my relationship with God.

    Seven years have gone by, and most days it seems like a blur, but I wouldn’t be where I am today if it had not been for the years that I served in DCLS. Nothing could have prepared me for this season in ministry, in my relationships and in my life like the time I spent learning and growing in DCLS. The environment is ripe for growth and development of leaders and also serves as a launching pad for anyone who desires to lead people in any capacity. I’m sure that if you commit a season of your life to serving at the Dream Center in DCLS, your dreams, your perspective, and your life will be changed forever. You too, will see God move in your heart and life in ways that you never could have dreamed possible.

“If your dream doesn’t make sense, there’s a good chance it might make history.” Pastor Matthew Barnett


Now accepting applications for upcoming sessions


  • Anyone interested in the DCLS must be between 18 and 25 years old. Applicants that are 17 may apply if they have a High School Diploma or GED.
  • Students of DCLS are committing to not date for their 1st year at The Dream Center. There is a campus-wide no dating policy for anyone within his or her 1st year of living at The Dream Center.
  • Due to the schedule of the program, students cannot have a job while enrolled.