Against All Odds

Here at The Dream Center, we specialize in the impossible. You see, with God we know that any obstacle can become a stepping-stone, and every hardship can become an opportunity.

One of our friends who demonstrates that the best is Jeremy*.

From the moment Jeremy was born, all the odds were against him.

His twin sister died in the womb, and her African American man thinking.body pressed against his growing skull, causing severe deformities and damage to his head. Jeremy didn’t have a chance at a normal childhood because of his disabilities. He even had to wear a protective helmet for the first few years of his life.

But that isn’t even the worst of it.

As a young boy, Jeremy witnessed his father and brothers repeatedly rape his older sister. After his father went to jail, Jeremy’s brothers turned their aggression towards him, repeatedly raping and beating him. When he was 10, he became a foster child. Jeremy thought he would finally escape the abuse, but he didn’t.

“In some of those homes I was raped and punched,” he says. “I’ve been through things that have made me want to quit life.”

When he turned 18, Jeremy aged out of the foster care system and ended up alone, out on the streets. He had no foundation and nothing going for him.

That’s when he found out about The Dream Center. He wrote us a letter pleading for help, asking if he could join one of our programs:

“I think you should give me a chance. I am a good team member. I love Jesus and accepted Him as my Savior. I love helping people because I don’t want them to go through the same things I did. God told me not to give up on hope.”

The support of caring people like you made it possible for Jeremy to move into Freedom House, our home for Emancipating Youth. Today he is thriving. Now he is determined to reach out to others and help them through the obstacles in their own lives.

“I love helping people because I don’t want them to go through the same things I did,” he shared.

Jeremy’s faith and joyful outlook is amazing and he wants to share it with everyone he meets.  “God told me not to give up on hope and He will never give up on you,” he says. “I thank God for everything He has done in my life and everything He will continue to do.”

On behalf of Jeremy, and all the people you have given hope to, thank you and God bless you! If Jeremy’s story inspired you, you can help others find freedom in Christ by GIVING NOW.

*Name changed for privacy.


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