How can we help you?

Before The Dream Center became reality, God gave Pastor Matthew Barnett a vision to reach the city. Obediently, he set up his desk outside his church on the sidewalk. When someone walked by, he asked them, “How can we help you?”

That was the first Adopt-a-Block.

Today, more than 135 blocks have been “Adopted” with the mission of “Find a need and fill it.” As many as 500 volunteers go door-to-door each Saturday, except the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas, offering to clean, mow lawns and whatever is needed most. They distribute food, hygiene items, diapers and other needed items. As they work they invite people to take the free Sunday shuttle to church as well.

Often the Food Truck will also be scheduled alongside Adopt-a-Block, providing a meaningful supply of groceries for people who might otherwise go hungry. In some cases, special needs may be addressed over multiple weeks. Since the outreach began in 2000, more than 30,000 lives have been touched by this popular outreach.

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