Skid Row Outreach


Friday missionaries to L.A.

Each Friday, Dream Center volunteers have a night out on the town. Not to the luxury of a movie or dinner out, but to take hope and the promise of new life to the darkest corners of Skid Row.

Cardboard boxes and tents line the sidewalks. Drugs are dealt and used in the open. More than half of the population here lives unsheltered on the street. The rest crowd into vermin-infested converted hotel rooms with filthy community bathrooms. Even little children live here.

It’s one of the toughest, most discouraging mission fields in the world. And it’s right in our backyard.

Our crew takes food, water, hygiene items or other token gifts to the homeless and desperately poor. Sometimes we bring brooms and garbage bags and do a litter pick-as well. We offer to pray with people and invite them to take our free shuttle to church on Sunday.

Families who came to L.A. hoping for work and others who just lost their job are often eager for the chance for a fresh start in our Transitional Housing Program. Others take time to get to know us. But in the end, dozens each year respond to the opportunity to try things God’s way by enrolling in our Discipleship Program.

Over time, this ministry lets many people know they are not forgotten and that help is available when they are ready.

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