Human Trafficking: Volunteer Program

Here’s How You’ll Make A Difference:

6-Month Commitment

With a 6-month commitment, you can expect to be working primarily at our Emergency Shelter. Our volunteer staff work in 12-hour rotational shifts: 3 days on and 3 days off. You will be answering the 24-hour hotline, providing immediate assistance to victims, assessing their recovery needs, providing resources and referrals, and helping victims make an informed decision regarding their next steps and future.  This experience is fast-paced and intense.

Emergency Shelter:

  • 24-Hour emergency hotline
  • Facilitate rescues
  • Immediate crisis care
  • Safety plans
  • Safe transportation
  • Safe placement

12-Month Commitment

DC_HTcampaign_insta1_150216With a 12-month commitment, you will have the opportunity to experience working in both the emergency shelter and our long-term program. The long-term home is intense in different ways from the emergency shelter. The shifts are also structured in the 12-hour, 3 days on and 3 days off format, but the responsibilities are quite different. Caretakers in our home are expected to foster an environment that promotes safety, stability and healing. They facilitate recovery care plans for each resident, practice trauma-informed care, provide conflict resolution, develop and maintain positive interpersonal relationships with the residents, plan and implement educational outings, and foster an environment that is structured, clean and welcoming.

While it functions at a slower pace than the emergency shelter, the weight is just as heavy as the staff carries the emotional, mental and spiritual burden with our residents. As residents work through their recovery, they continually process out loud with staff members. It is the responsibility of the home staff to create a space that the residents can safely process in. We empathize, cry, laugh, mourn, grieve, and celebrate with them through everything.

Long Term Home:

30 Day – Rebuild

  • Continual one-on-one interaction
  • Assisting with medical and legal appointments
  • Assisting in development of individual care plans
  • Providing first-time life experiences
  • Facilitating the Rebuild Curriculum
    • Beauty for Ashes
    • Old Me/ Then Me Project
    • Time Line Project

In Home Care

  • Facilitate immediate crisis intervention
  • Mediate conflict resolution
  • Provide documenting and reporting
  • Ensure a clean and safe environment
  • Uphold and maintain the house structure, schedule and routine


  • Plan and facilitate cultural/educational outings
  • Assess unsafe locations
  • Ensure safety

Life School

  • Facilitate lesson plans as necessary
  • Assist with planned activities outside the classroom
  • Assist with Life School evaluations and progress reports
  • Perform and document pre-and post class tests
  • Assist with data entry and interpretation
  • Uphold school structure


  • Assist residents in creating an individual routine
  • Assist residents in creating daily schedules
  • Provide accountability to residents to stay on track with their recovery
  • Assess factors that inhibit resident’s growth
  • Perform person and room searches
  • Perform follow up encounters with residents that have transitioned out
  • Act as a liaison to organizations providing services to our residents during this phase
  • Attend classes and workshops with residents
  • Assist residents in getting placed in a transitional home

If you are interested in applying to volunteer in our Human Trafficking program, please click here to fill out the application.

With the compassionate hearts of volunteers like you, The Dream Center is playing an increasing role helping the growing number of adult females who have been trafficked.  Thank you!

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