Food Truck

Hope and help is in the bag!

Our Food Truck goes where the need is greatest, but many of our more than 31 distribution sites are at elementary schools. In this way, families earning less than $15,000 a year can pick up groceries at the same time they meet their children after school. Every item is carefully screened to meet all USDA requirements for health and safety. We sort produce, bread and canned food on site into grocery bags for a mom or dad to take home.

Many of the people we help tell us that the simple gift of a bag of groceries was just enough to get them through the month. Or they saved just enough on their grocery bill that they were able to pay their rent or keep the lights on. In this way, we not only address the issue of hunger, but also help keep fragile families from sliding into homelessness.

In a typical month, this ministry feeds more than 40,000 people! Over the course of a year, we hand out more than 500,000 bags of groceries. We also have a Food Bank which provides another food resource for the community.

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If you are a grocery store or USDA approved food producer and would like to help supply the Food Truck, we would love to hear from you

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