Human Trafficking is Real

Sometimes it’s easier to think horrible atrocities like slavery, forced child labor or human trafficking only happen far away from where we live. Lacey’s* story reminds us that it’s real, and it could be happening right under our noses. In fact, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego are known hotspots for sex trafficking.

“Growing up, my parents were abusive drug addicts,” she says. “When I was 13 they gave me to a man that sold me for sex. My pimp kept me as drunk and high as he could.”

If Lacey didn’t meet her $500 a day quota, she’d be severely beaten.

“Things kept getting worse,” she says. “I was getting death threats from my pimp all the time.”


Finally, Lacey was able to escape.

She called The Dream Center, where we run one of the few ministries in the United States equipped to rescue these women, keep them safe and transition them to a productive life.

Since arriving, Lacey has become a whole new person.

“I’ve never felt safer, happier and as close to God as I do today. I thank God everyday for opening this door for me!” Lacey says.

Lacey is one of the lucky ones. Up to 10,000 women are being held in Los Angeles’ underground brothels. Statistically speaking, 99% of them will never be rescued.
Through the human trafficking program we are able to reach out to women like Lacey and give them the specialize care, support and safe shelter they need to escape the horrors of their past.

Every week, Dream Center teams hit the streets to reach out to women forced into prostitution and show them there is a way out.

*Name changed for privacy.

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