Transitional Family Housing

Six months to a new life

It’s happening every day. Someone loses their job, gets sick or their roommate leaves. Their income drops. They fall behind in the rent. And finally, eviction.

It’s hardly unusual for a mom with her children to walk out the front door with everything she can carry and not have a clue where they are going to sleep that night.

It’s such an epidemic that there is little chance a newly homeless family or anyone else will find shelter on the first night or even the first week. So they stay in their car, head to a campground or maybe a friend or family member or a local church will take them in for a day or two.

These are the people we work to rescue in our Transitional Housing program. In addition to stabilizing a family in crisis with food, showers, clean clothes and a safe place to stay for six months, a case manager mentors each family on their path to independent living and permanent housing. The path may include studying for the G.E.D., discipleship or vocational training. We also help people learn to manage their money, pay down debt and save up for a place of their own.

As parents work to get back on their feet, the children get quality care in our childcare center. And two schools are located nearby, providing additional stability for children who have had their education disrupted by homelessness.

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