resource Programs

Our Resource Programs provide free, additional support to both Residential and Outreach programs, including amenities such as our on-campus diner, discounted gym facility, and adult education tutoring. Through these supplemental programs, families and individuals in the community and on campus are further equipped to succeed in society.

Adult Education

The Adult Education program provides free individualized GED tutoring, life skills classes, job readiness classes and additional coaching to Dream Center program residents. This program is also available to the general public. By providing a safe, supportive learning environment, with qualified tutors, teachers and coaches, adults are enabled to pursue higher education, successful careers, financial stability and brighter futures.

Phone:  (213) 273-7040
Email:  [email protected]

Carey Kitchen

The Carey Kitchen serves approximately 800 hot meals every single day of the year. Not only does it feed the residents of the Dream Center, but it is also available for free to anyone that shows up wanting to eat a hot meal, including homeless individuals.

Email: [email protected]

DC Fitness

DC Fitness is a fully featured gym with premium amenities and modern facilities to help Dream Center residents and community members reach their health and fitness goals. Despite an individual’s past or present difficulties, we believe in their potential, and want to help them transform their body, mind and spirit. The DC Fitness gym partners with the Dream Center to serve program residents free of charge, and provides all services to locals at a discounted rate. All gym proceeds are donated to the Dream Center’s residential and outreach programs.

Phone: (213) 273-7121
Email: [email protected]

food bank

The Dream Center’s Food Bank aims to meet the surrounding community’s basic food needs while supporting individuals’ transitions to a more sustainable lifestyle. Every month, over half a million pounds of food gets distributed to various communities through the Dream Center’s programs such as Foster Care Intervention, Food Truck outreach and Carey Kitchen, as well as other service-led organizations.

Phone: (213) 273-7021
Email: [email protected]