transitional housing programs

Our Transitional Housing Programs freely provide personalized care, mentorship and guidance to each resident on campus. Our goal is to help families and individuals develop positive social skills, secure employment and independent housing, continue in their education and personal growth, and engage in healthy community.


The Dream Center’s Discipleship recovery program is a one-year residential program designed to support men and women who are overcoming life-controlling issues, and recovering from drug and alcohol addictions, depression, and abuse. This program is structured to eliminate distractions so that participants can focus on building a healthy foundation to rebuild their lives. Food, housing, education, and mentorship, are all provided free of charge.

Program for Men:  (213) 273-7171
Program for Women:  (213) 273-7031

Intake email:  [email protected]
Information email:  [email protected]


The Dream Center’s Connections Program provides additional support and continual structure to male and female graduates of the Dream Center Discipleship program. This close community and accountability allows each individual to grow in their spiritual and personal lives as they continue to pursue the difficult road of recovery. Food, housing, education, and mentorship are all provided free of charge.

Phone:  (213) 273-7028
Email:  [email protected]


The Dream Center’s Transitions Program is designed to help male and female graduates of the Dream Center’s Connections Program successfully transition into independent living. This supportive program enables individuals to develop and execute an exit strategy upon leaving campus, through job training and interviewing, apartment searching, sober living, and counseling. All food, housing, education, and mentorship are provided free of charge.

Phone:  (213) 273-7028
Email:  [email protected]

foster youth

Did you know that roughly 20% of youth who age out of Foster Care end up homeless within the first two years? Dedicated to helping youths who have transitioned out of the foster care system, this program supports young adults (ages 18-23) by providing the resources for educational learning and job training, along with a supportive community and mentorship.

Phone:  (213) 273-7174
Email:  [email protected]


Thousands of struggling homeless families have found refuge through our Transitional Housing Program for Homeless Families. This program provides the opportunity for struggling homeless families to gain support in spiritual, emotional, educational, financial and vocational areas, while establishing stability and engaging in community. To equip these families, especially parents, for long-term success, this program focuses on building a strong foundation and provides opportunities to transition out with a healthy and sustainable future.

Phone:  (213) 273-7051
Email:  [email protected]


The Dream Center Veterans Program is a one-year residential program designed to help equip male and female military veterans with the spiritual, practical, and foundational skills needed to transition back into civilian life. In collaboration with local organizations, volunteers, and the Dream Center community, and by providing individualized assistance, the program enables veterans to develop positive social skills, build life skills, find employment resources, continue in education, learn to utilize veterans’ benefits, and grow in a like-minded environment.

Phone:  (213) 273-7008
Email:  [email protected]